7 Best Laptop for Watching Netflix

The best laptops for watching Netflix are laptops that support HD. Many laptops don’t have the power necessary to decode HD, so make sure your laptop can support an HD stream before you purchase it. Also, laptops with a Blu-ray drive allow for Netflix streaming in the highest of quality.

Laptops are extremely portable, but they aren’t able to replace larger devices like desktop PCs or TVs just yet. If you want to watch videos on Netflix or browse web content then laptops are great – if you bought one that is fast enough and supports full 1080p resolution video playback.

There are many laptops out there in every price range imaginable – $100 netbooks all the way up to $1400 super powerful gaming rigs . You need to decide how much you want to spend and what you’ll be using your laptop for – if it’s just Netflix or internet browsing then a cheap netbook will do the job perfectly.

If you’re looking for laptops that support HD resolution streaming, check out some of the laptops we recommend here: Top 5 Laptops to Watch Netflix. If you’re more interested in laptops with Blu-ray drives, we also have a list of some of the best laptops with Blu-ray players available right now: List of Top 5 Best Laptops with Blu-Ray Player.

5 best laptops for watching Netflix:

Asus ROG G75VW-DH71 Laptop:

It comes with an i7 2.5 GHz processor and 16 GB of RAM, which means it can run anything you want easily. It also has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M with 3GB video memory, so all of your games will look great. If you play games on this laptop, they’ll run at about 60 fps most of the time, but if you bump up the settings to ultra or higher it will drop down to around 30 fps depending on what game you’re playing and how busy it is online. The laptop runs Windows 8 64-bit as its Operating System so it should be fairly new and it will run better than the 32-bit version. Windows 8 does take some getting used to, but if you’re buying this laptop you probably don’t mind it.

The laptop also has a 17.3 inch display with 1920×1080 Full HD resolution which looks great and is perfect for gaming or watching movies in high definition. The laptop itself weighs around 10 pounds so its not really heavy, but definitely not as light as your average laptop either. To sum up, I would highly recommend this laptop for any gamer looking for something new to play their favorite games on at home or even just as a laptop for school works or work related tasks that require more power than most regular laptops can give you.

– Toshiba Satellite C55Dt-c5158 Laptop:

The resolution is very clear and you can fit a lot of windows on your screen to multitask while trying to do your homework and study for tests and quizzes. I know that when i use my toshiba laptop, its much easier to type research papers without having the irritation of running out of room while writing in microsoft word.. This computer also comes with many connection choices which are usb, vga, and a port to attach to your tv to be able to watch it on a huge screen. The loading speed is very fast and the laptop only takes about one minute to start up from completely off to being ready to use! This is because it has 1 terabyte of memory to store all your important sotres that you need

– HP Pavilion 15.6″ Touchsmart Sleekbook Laptop:

【Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor】11th Gen Intel Core processor-powered systems take a huge leap forward in gaming, streaming and creativity, pushing a smooth, detailed, and vivid experience on highly portable devices. Smart 4-core, 8-thread processing performance. Intel Turbo Boost Technology (up to 4.2GHz) delivers dynamic extra power when you need it, while increasing energy efficiency when you don’t.

– Sony Vaio E Series SVE1511H1ES Laptop:

When it comes to digital gadgets, sony is one of the leading brand names in the market. The sony Vaio e series sve1511h1es laptop is one of sony’s best laptops. It is well-designed and perfect for daily use. Sony has always been famous for its quality products and exceptional excellence in style and design. This sony Vaio laptop proves that point.

This sony laptop features a 15-inch screen with an LED backlight which allows you to watch your favorite movies, play games, or just surf the net all day long without straining your eyesight. It provides an excellent look as it carries high-definition color with wide viewing angles. Its slim design lets the Sony Vaio laptop be carried anywhere anytime. This sony laptop also provides excellent sound quality for its built-in stereo speakers.

This Sony Vaio e series sve1511h1es laptop is powered by an Intel Core i3 Processor, 500 GB Hard Drive, and 3 GB of RAM. It runs on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system which allows you to multitask easily because it can manage multiple applications running at the same time without slowing down your computer system. This sony laptop has a DVD±RW writer that lets you store all sorts of files in one place like your favorite music, videos, pictures or important documents conveniently through discs or USB flash drive

– Dell Inspiron i3531-1200BK PC Notebook:

The Dell Inspiron i3531-1200BK is the perfect laptop for those who are on a tight budget. It has all the specs required to watch movies, surf the internet, or do basic work without lagging.

The dell Inspiron i3531-1200bk features an Intel Celeron N2830 CPU which can handle up to 2.16 GHz and 4GB of RAM. This allows you to run multiple applications at once with no hiccups in performance. This laptop also comes with Windows 8 installed which makes it better than most other laptops that come with Windows 7 Starter Edition.

The dell Inspiron i3531-1200bk has a 15.6″ display size allowing you to watch movies and get a bigger picture of what you’re doing. The dell Inspiron i3531-1200bk also has Windows 8 installed allowing you to do anything that normal laptops can do such as surf the internet and play your favorite games.

The dell Inspiron i3531-1200bk laptop can handle up to 4GB of RAM which is enough for everyday computing. An Intel Celeron N2830 CPU powers this laptop allowing it to run multiple applications with no lag or problems. This dell laptop comes with a 15.6″ display, perfect for watching movies and getting a better look at whatever you’re trying to see.  

ASUS Laptop L210 Ultra Thin Laptop:

ASUS Laptop L210 Ultra Thin Laptop: is available in several models with different specifications and price points for various types of users.

The ASUS L210 Ultra Thin notebook is very thin and light in weight, making it easy to carry. It is lighter than 2.6 pounds, giving you the freedom to work as you like.

The ASUS L210 Ultra Thin notebook has dimensions of 13.3×9.5×0.7 inches (W x D x H) and a high quality screen that makes it easier for users to view videos or play games on this laptop as it has a decent resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with 16:9 Full HD aspect ratio and brightness levels of up to 200 candelas per square meter.

The laptop can be used as a secondary PC as well as a primary one as it runs Windows 8 operating system that comes with many pre-installed apps such as Skype, MSN Messenger, anti-virus software, etc., as well as the ASUS utilities that will help you use your laptop more efficiently. Moreover, it is equipped with 2GB DDR3 RAM as well as 32 GB solid-state drive along with one USB 3.0 port as well as two USB 2.0 ports to offer high-speed data transfer speeds as well as connect peripherals such as hard disk or printer etc.

Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

The Acer aspire 5 slim laptop is a new Acer laptop that has many different uses and can be used by anybody.

The acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop comes pre-installed with windows 10s mode which means that not all software can work on the Acer laptop unless they are from the Microsoft store. This also means you get unlimited free storage for all your photos taken by the Acer laptop’s built-in camera as well as allowing you to download many different apps at no cost

All this comes with an affordable price tag, making the Acer aspire 5 slim laptops not only good for business and work purposes but also great to take along everywhere you go.

It has high-quality hardware which makes sure nothing slows down this Acer laptop even after years of using it.               


  • Acer laptop for Netflix
  • Acer laptop 15.6 inches full had IPS display, AMD ryzen 3 3200u processor with Vega 3 graphics, 4GB ddr4 ram and 128GB ssd hard drive
  • Acer laptop backlit keyboard
  • Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop comes pre-installed with windows 10s mode which means that not all software can work on the Acer laptop unless they are from the Microsoft store. This also means you get unlimited free storage for all your photos taken by the Acer laptop’s built-in camera as well as allowing you to download many different apps at no cost.
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