Best Cheap WD Blue SSDs For Gaming 2021

Today, ssd s are becoming increasingly popular as ssd s have a lot of benefits over the traditional hdd s. ssd s have much faster read and write speeds. The downside is that they tend to be more expensive than hdd s. Today I will be highlighting three western digital blue ssd s which can fulfill your gaming needs at an affordable price range.

1) Wd Blue 1tb Sata 6gbps 2.5″ 7mm Usb 3.0 5400rpm Sshd

This model has enough capacity to store all your games (up to 1000 GB).

It has a sequential read speed of up to 545 megabytes per second, which means you can access files quickly on these SSDs.

Western digital ssd s are very reliable and these ssd s maintained a high rate of successful PCB per wafer processed over its lifetime.

Its SATA 6 Gbps SATA iii interface is backward compatible with SATA ii, making it an excellent ssd for upgrading your computer system. It has two years warranty just in case anything happens to the device.

There are two main wd blue SSDs that you must consider. wd blue 1tb sata iii and wd blue 500 gb sata iii .

Western Digital 500GB WD Blue 3D NAND

Another great option if you are looking for western digital blue ssd . This model has enough capacity to store all your games (up to 500 GB). Again, it features sequential read speed up to 545 megabytes

The wd blue SSD 500 GB has a latency of 6 ms, which is also pretty good. wd blue SSD 500 g has read speeds of 545 mb/s and write speeds of 525 mb/s.

  • Sequential read speeds up to 560MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 530MB/s. | As used for transfer rate or interface, megabyte per second (MB/s) = 1 million bytes per second and gigabit per second (Gb/s) = 1 billion bits per second

Both wd blue SSD for gaming so different, wd blue 1TB wd blue 500 GB. Your choice wd blue SSD for gaming.

This article was to provide a wd blu SSD review and comparison of wd blue models to help you make your decision on which is the best SSD for gaming. wd blue 1 TB vs wd blue 500GB vs wd SSD 1TB all great disks!

Western Digital is the world’s leader in storage solutions. We offer the highest capacity, reliability, and performance of any brand. You can trust us to be your partner in data management.

The 3D NAND SATA SSD offers enhanced reliability with capacities up to 4TB and sequential read speeds up to 560MB/s! It’s perfect for anyone who wants more from their computer or laptop. And it comes with free downloadable software that will help you monitor its status at all times!

Desire: With WD FIT Lab certification, this hard drive is compatible with a wide range of computers so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues when purchasing it online today!

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Western Digital 1TB WD Blue 3D NAND Internal PC SSD

The wd blue 1TB SSD has a latency of 5.5 ms, which is pretty good for gaming purposes. The wd blue 1TB also has 1 read speed of 550 mb/s and write speeds of 500 mb/s.

  • Telcordia stress part testing. (2) TBW (terabytes written) values calculated using JEDEC client workload (JESD219) and vary by product capacity

Western Digital has created the world’s most reliable and highest-performing SSD. With up to 600 terabytes written (TBW) (2), 1.75M hours mean time to failure (MTTF) (1), and a 25% lower active power draw than previous generations of WD Blue SSD, this is the perfect upgrade for any computer user.

Desire: You can download free software that will monitor the status of your drive and clone a drive or backup your data, so you don’t have to worry about losing any information on your hard drive ever again! And with FIT Lab certification, compatibility is guaranteed with a wide range of computers.

So what are you waiting for?

Upgrade today!

  • Free downloadable software
  • Monitor status
  • Compatibility guarantee 

The WD 1TB Blue SSD Drive is optimized for multitasking, gaming, and high-performance computing  High Performance Optimized for Gaming Perfect for High-Performance Computing WD F They have loads of info from what I know.

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