Best Internal SSD 2021: For gaming pc

The SSD external SSD is a big improvement to hard drives and provides huge improvements in speed, load times, and boot times. Gaming pc SSD s are great for gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming experience and ensure that they don’t miss any important events.

The best external SSD for a gaming pc will be able to store all your favorite games so you can play them without having to delete something else first, keeping your computer clutter-free. This post will look at exactly how an SSD can improve your gaming pc, whether it’s worth it or not, and, finally, we’ll list some of the top SSD s available on the market today.

So, I have just listed some best and not expensive cheap ssds. I don’t like explaining extra things and biased reviews about Expensive SSDs so make sure that you choose which one you like in your budget. I will try my best to help you all out with choosing a cheaper but reliable SSD for your custom pc.

It’s also important to note that SSD hard drives are different from HDD s because SSD drives use flash memory instead of magnetic disks. This means they can read data much faster meaning there isn’t as much strain on your hardware which improves the speed of booting up your computer.

As well as this, SSD drives can also hold onto data even when off, meaning that everything that usually gets lost during shutdown or restart will still be saved (most of the time). SSD also uses far less power than HDD s which means your pc will run much cooler.

So now you’re up to speed on what SSD s are, let’s look at the best external ssd s for gaming pc.

Best External SSD For Gaming Pc – Top Picks

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal


  • Sequential Read Speed: Up to 540 MB/sec
  • Sequential Write Speed: Up to 520 MB/s
  • Maximum 4k Read/Write IOPS (80%) : 97,000 / 90,000

Samsung SSD is some of the best SSDs available and the 850 Evo 250GB is no exception. It has an amazing sequential read speed of 540MB per second which will make booting up your pc fast and loading times in your games almost nonexistent. The Samsung 850 Evo also comes with a decent write speed of 520MB per second meaning game installation or file transfer won’t be slow like it would on other less expensive SSDs.

This Samsung SSD offers a massive amount of storage space, perfect for holding heaps of games but the main thing to note about this drive is that it’s fast. This SSD will be able to ensure your computer boots up in record time. Its SATA iii s interface also means that this SSD s performance will be relatively unaffected by the SATA ii s bottlenecking issues that many SATA iii s drives tend to suffer from when SATA ii is present on your system.

Now, let’s move on to the next best external SSD for gaming pc…

Although it is an external SSD but I would have to include this in my list because of it’s crazy speed and performance. To store extra load…The SSD is very handy and fast !!!

Samsung T3 Portable 250GB USB 3.1 External SSD – Silver


  • Sequential Read Speed: Up to 450 MB/sec
  • Maximum 4k Read/Write IOPS (80%) : 75,000 / 35,000

The Samsung SSD s T3 line of ssds are the best external SSD s you can buy that will provide a large amount of storage space and fast performance to your pc. The Samsung T3 Portable 250GB SSD is no exception and it provides all the features we’ve come to expect from Samsung SSD.

The 250GB drive comes with an aluminum enclosure and has read speeds of up to 450MB per second meaning installation or booting time will be minimal. This Samsung SSD also comes equipped with AES 256-bit hardware encryption so you won’t need to worry about your data when you take it on the go.

As well as Samsung SSD s T3 line of SSD s, I would like to list some good SSD s for pc in this price range too.

This Samsung SSD boasts read speeds of up to 440mb/s and write speeds of 380mb/s which is pretty good but not quite as fast as their previous drive (the 850 evo). The big difference with this drive though is its portability. Samsung has managed to produce a SATA iii s SSD that is tiny enough to fit in your pocket, making it great for gamers on the go.


ADATA SU800 256GB 2.5 Inch SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive, Read 560MB/S, Write 520MB/s


  • Read Speed: Up to 560 MB/s  Sequential
  • Write Speed: Up to 520 MB/s  Sequential

ADATA SSD is a reliable cheaper option that will allow you to get plenty of storage space without breaking the bank. This SSD comes with reading speeds of up to 560mb/s and write speeds of 520mb/s which is more than enough SSD performance for gaming pcs. For an SSD in this price range, you can’t go wrong with the ADATA SSD s SU800 256GB.

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