Download Blink app for PC (Windows 11/10/8 & Mac)

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can download the Blink app for PC (Windows & Mac) as well as the installation of this app. Without further ado, let’s start.

Blink App for PC

Blink is a home surveillance app that lets you monitor your home security cameras via your smartphone. It comes with wireless cameras incorporated with Amazon. The app keeps you alert by prompting notifications on your smartphone if it catches any unusual activity on your home security cameras. You can control multiple cameras via this single app.

download blink app for pc

The app is advanced and lets you record and see your surveillance cameras’ live activity in HD quality on your phone. The app will always notify you no matter how harsh the conditions are.

List of Blink App Features

The app provides its users with a unique surveillance experience to have an extra layer of security without worrying about checking monitors again and again. Let’s go into detail about what this app offers.

1. Night Vision

Its extra-durable night vision captures and records activity in clear quality without lagging or blurring. So you can clearly see what’s going on.

2. Two-Way Communication

It allows recording video and audio separately and sets the alarm in case any intruder pays a visit to your property.

3. Motion Sensor

It comes with a motion sensor feature that is very accurate and quickly sends a notification to the owner’s smartphone.

4. High Quality

The video capturing quality is high, so you don’t miss any chance against an intruder.

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5. Battery

You may be wondering if it requires a lot of battery support, but let me correct that the batteries can last anywhere up to two years, so it is very high endurance.

6. Free

Given that it provides many high-tech security features yet, it doesn’t cost you any subscription plan.

Blink app APK Free Download

App NameBlink Home Monitor
Size60.67 MB
Minimum Android Version6.0 and up
Type of LicensePaid
Last UpdateJul 19, 2022
Download LinkBlink Home Monitor APK

Install Blink app for PC (Windows & Mac)

In order to install the Blink app on your PC Windows 11/10/8 or Mac, you have to choose any of the following methods.

Download and Install Blink app on PC Using Bluestacks (Method 1)

  • The first method is to download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC from the below.
  • After you save a copy of the Bluestacks emulator, double-click it to launch the installer.
  • The install wizard will appear now. All you need to do is follow the instructions that were given on your screen.
  • When you completed the installation, open the Bluestacks from your computer.
  • Find the Google Play Store and then sign in to your account.
  • Click the search bar and start typing the “Blink app“.
  • Hit the “Install” button and this will start downloading the Blink app on your PC (Windows/Mac)
  • Once you completed the installation, open the home of Bluestacks and then click the icon of the Blink app from there to start using this app on your PC.
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Download and Install Blink app on PC Using MEmu (Method 2)

  • The first thing that you need to do is to download the emulator called Nox Player. You can get it by checking the source below.
  • Once you downloaded the Nox Player, open the installer by double-clicking the file.
  • In this way, the install wizard will appear, just follow the on-screen instruction that appears on your screen.
  • After the installation, find the Nox Player from your computer and then open it.
  • Now, look for Google Play and launch it.
  • Sign in to your Google account to continue using the Play Store.
  • Next, click the search bar and then type the app that you want to search. In this case, type the “Blink app“.
  • When it appears on the result, click the “Install” button to start the download of this app.
  • Once installed, go back to the home of Nox Player and you will see the newly installed Blink app. Click to start using it.

Similar Apps

Let’s have a look at some of the similar apps.

Arlo Secure

It provides remote-based security with the advantage of not having you unlock your phone and delivers alerts and takes immediate action.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

Its advanced automatically adjusting screen color function provides protection for the eyes, so your sleep doesn’t get affected at night.

Mobile Security Camera

The app is designed for remote access to your device link with a security camera. It costs drastically lower and provides great features for home surveillance.

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Basically a security app. Its main features include playback image checking, time and message reminding, and real video playing.


How do I install Blink app?

You can download it on your android by simply typing its name in the search bar of the play store. Then click on the download button to have it downloaded on your phone.

How can I watch my Blink camera on my TV?

Make sure to have the internet working on tv as well. You need to plug the device into your TV to watch blink live recording to your TV. Once done, it will ask you to connect to your streaming accounts. From there you can easily watch blink camera on your TV.

Who can see my Blink camera?

Anyone who you allow access. You can share your app login credentials with your family members also.


If you need a great surveillance app to look after your home in your absence or you have a little baby or elderly to take care of, this is a perfect app designed to accommodate and notify you without charging you any money. We will highly recommend using the Blink app for PC.

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