Download Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear for PC (Windows 11/10/8 & Mac)

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can download Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear for PC (Windows & Mac) as well as the installation of this app. Without further ado, let’s start.

Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear App for PC

This smart android app lets you connect your smartphone to wearable devices. Specially dedicated to galaxy devices, you can monitor, operate and get full access to your wearable smart devices. This app is a window to use your wearable devices.

download galaxy wearable samsung gear for pc

Coming to the app’s reliability, it is a well-built, user-friendly app with an impressive 4.1-star rating and has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the play store. Download apps and explore their features through the Galaxy Apps store.

Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear App Features

Let’s discuss some great app features briefly.

Effectively Manages Your Galaxy Devices

With this app, you can easily manage mobile device connection, check on software updates, time settings apps downloading, find your watch feature, select a notification type, etc.

Easy Accessibility

You can easily set up your galaxy wearable devices with your phone by downloading the app and then start pairing your devices via Bluetooth.

App Compatibility with other devices

Regarding the Galaxy buds models, the application can also be used with tablets. Remember that supported devices may vary depending on your location region or device model.

Easy Monitoring

With this app, you can easily monitor your galaxy devices and use their functions with the never forgetting experience. The app gives you complete control of your smart wearable devices.

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Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear APK Free Download

App NameGalaxy Wearable Samsung Gear
Size5.9 MB
Minimum Android Version4.3 and up
Type of LicenseFree
Last UpdateJuly 27, 2022
Download LinkGalaxy Wearable Samsung Gear APK

Install Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear for PC (Windows & Mac)

In order to install the Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear app on your PC Windows 11/10/8 or Mac, you have to choose any of the following methods.

Download and Install Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear on PC Using Bluestacks (Method 1)

  • The first method is to download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC from the below.
  • After you save a copy of the Bluestacks emulator, double-click it to launch the installer.
  • The install wizard will appear now. All you need to do is follow the instructions that were given on your screen.
  • When you completed the installation, open the Bluestacks from your computer.
  • Find the Google Play Store and then sign in to your account.
  • Click the search bar and start typing the “Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear“.
  • Hit the “Install” button and this will start downloading the Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear on your PC (Windows/Mac)
  • Once you completed the installation, open the home of Bluestacks and then click the icon of the Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear from there to start using this app on your PC.

Download and Install Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear on PC Using MEmu (Method 2)

  • The first thing that you need to do is to download the emulator called Nox Player. You can get it by checking the source below.
  • Once you downloaded the Nox Player, open the installer by double-clicking the file.
  • In this way, the install wizard will appear, just follow the on-screen instruction that appears on your screen.
  • After the installation, find the Nox Player from your computer and then open it.
  • Now, look for Google Play and launch it.
  • Sign in to your Google account to continue using the Play Store.
  • Next, click the search bar and then type the app that you want to search. In this case, type the “Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear“.
  • When it appears on the result, click the “Install” button to start the download of this app.
  • Once installed, go back to the home of Nox Player and you will see the newly installed Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear. Click to start using it.
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Similar Apps

Here is a list of similar apps you may find helpful.

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Smart tutor is your device’s app supervisor. It smartly diagnoses your device’s performance to optimize it and gives you practical advice on keeping your device running smoothly.

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The app is straightforward to use. It allows you to connect to nearby Bluetooth devices safely.

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It is a powerful and authentic tool that automatically scans, advertises, and explores your Bluetooth Low Energy devices and communicates with them.

Phone Connect to TV

It is an HDMI connector app that allows displaying your mobile’s screen on a TV. It only requires a connecting cable, and you are good to go to watch your favorite mobile shots on your tv as well.


What is Galaxy Wearable app on Samsung phone?

The app is designed to effectively connect and function your Samsung gear with your Samsung Galaxy phones.

How do I install Samsung wearable app?

You can easily get this app from the galaxy store.

What watches work with Galaxy Wearable app?

Devices such as Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, and other popular Samsung gears are perfectly compatible with the app. Make sure your phone software is up to date.

Is Galaxy Wearable app available for Android?

Apart from using it on your Samsung phone, you can also enjoy it on your tablet.

Why won’t my Galaxy Buds connect to the wearable app?

Consider restarting and reconnecting it to the Bluetooth. If the problem persists, go to your Samsung store nearby and check if your Galaxy buds are working correctly.

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If you have just bought any Samsung gear, ensure the best experience. We would recommend downloading this app first. If you have questions regarding the app, feel free to ask in the comments.

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