Gateway Computer won’t Turn On

My computer won’t turn on.  I’ve tried everything that I can think to try, but it won’t turn on.  Neither the power-on button nor the computer’s internal battery will do anything.

My computer is a Gateway computer, so I went to their support website and began reading about how to fix this common problem with them.  It said that if the computer doesn’t have any lights coming on when plugged in, then it’s dead.  Well, mine has no lights whatsoever–none for power, hard drive activity, or battery life at all!

How to fix if Gateway Computer won’t Turn On?

If your gateway computer is not turning on, try these quick fixes before calling for support:
Do a hard reset by removing the battery and AC adapters from under its hood then press down firmly with no wiggle room or clicking noises. Next test if there’s enough voltage coming through with an alternate power source.

This can sometimes be tricky since these pc’s are usually designed to work best when powered exclusively via their own internal supplies; however some people find it works better than others depending on what kind of device they’re using as well how much juice this other charger needs itself!

However, early last night before bedtime my computer was working fine. So what could have happened?

Did someone break into my house during the night and turn it off? Not likely.  Would they even know how to turn it off?  It’s not that easy of a computer–you have to shut it down properly in order for the computer to actually turn itself off.

Did I trip over one of its huge power cables while half-asleep, pull it out from the surge protector, and put a kink in it when I didn’t mean to?  Quite possible! But why aren’t there any lights at all on my computer when plugged in with all four of its plugs in tightly?

As far as I can tell, this computer is dead inside. If anyone knows how I might try to fix this computer without having to take apart the computer to look at it, please let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll be taking this computer in for service at the computer shop later on today since I don’t have time to get it fixed right now.

I didn’t want to put that extra work into this computer because its hard drive is very small compared to the new computers available today with terabytes of storage capacity. But perhaps Gateway can fix my computer’s power supply inside–that seems like an easy enough fix if they could replace a faulty part of the computer’s circuitry or something simple like that.

If anyone has any ideas on what might have happened or how this computer’s power supply could be replaced all by itself without replacing anything else in the computer, please let me know.

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