Download Geometry Dash for PC (Windows 11/10/8 & Mac)

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can download Geometry Dash for PC (Windows & Mac) as well as the installation of this app. Without further ado, let’s start.

Geometry Dash App for PC

Geometry dash is a fun action game that curates hard-to-accomplish challenges. Test your skills by dodging various hurdles that come your way by Jump, flying, or flipping through narrow and dangerous passages.

download geometry dash for pc

It is a simple touched, highly engaging game that will make you play it for hours. The game has many levels, each providing unlocking cool features upon completion. The game supports android 4.0 and up.

List of Geometry Dash Features

Let’s discuss the game’s exciting features.

Flying Rockets

As you proceed in the game, you will get your hands on flying rockets that further intrigue you about the game. You will enjoy your vertical ride! It is fun to fly one.

Lots of Levels

The game has too many exciting levels that will further sparkle your interest and make you addicted. Each level has its specific soundtrack.

Rhythm-based Action

The game elevates your gaming experience through its rhythm-based action so you can enjoy it to its fullest. It has mindboggling actions such as flip gravity and much more as you further play this game.

Practice Game

The game itself is very challenging. To get used to it, you can practice your skills in the practice mode provided by the game to sharpen your skills.


The game will stick with you and make you come more to play it. It incentivizes its players by giving rewards upon each accomplishment to develop their interest in the game further.

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Geometry Dash APK Free Download

App NameGeometry Dash
Size75 MB
Minimum Android Version4.0 and up
Type of LicensePaid
Last UpdateNovember 15, 2017
Download LinkGeometry Dash APK

Install Geometry Dash for PC (Windows & Mac)

In order to install the Geometry Dash app on your PC Windows 11/10/8 or Mac, you have to choose any of the following methods.

Download and Install Geometry Dash on PC Using Bluestacks (Method 1)

  • The first method is to download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC from the below.
  • After you save a copy of the Bluestacks emulator, double-click it to launch the installer.
  • The install wizard will appear now. All you need to do is follow the instructions that were given on your screen.
  • When you completed the installation, open the Bluestacks from your computer.
  • Find the Google Play Store and then sign in to your account.
  • Click the search bar and start typing the “Geometry Dash“.
  • Hit the “Install” button and this will start downloading the Geometry Dash on your PC (Windows/Mac)
  • Once you completed the installation, open the home of Bluestacks and then click the icon of the Geometry Dash from there to start using this app on your PC.

Download and Install Geometry Dash on PC Using MEmu (Method 2)

  • The first thing that you need to do is to download the emulator called Nox Player. You can get it by checking the source below.
  • Once you downloaded the Nox Player, open the installer by double-clicking the file.
  • In this way, the install wizard will appear, just follow the on-screen instruction that appears on your screen.
  • After the installation, find the Nox Player from your computer and then open it.
  • Now, look for Google Play and launch it.
  • Sign in to your Google account to continue using the Play Store.
  • Next, click the search bar and then type the app that you want to search. In this case, type the “Geometry Dash“.
  • When it appears on the result, click the “Install” button to start the download of this app.
  • Once installed, go back to the home of Nox Player and you will see the newly installed Geometry Dash. Click to start using it.
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Similar Games

Here are a similar genre of games for you.

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Make your way through random paths by dodging obstacles. This game is for those who are vivid players. It is the world of geometry.

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Explore the new adventurous game filled with spikes and monsters. Fly, flip over spiky obstacles that come along your way.

Maze Puzzle

Find out your way through walls with hedges, turf, corn stalks, hay bales, books, and paving stones. This game is much interesting to get played.

Sort Puzzle

It is a fun and addictive game. The more you play, the more it becomes harder to achieve levels. The game will hook you for hours straight!


Can I play Geometry Dash for free?

You can download and play it for free from the play store.

Is there a PC version of Geometry Dash?

Using an emulator such as Bluestacks, you can also enjoy this game on your pc as well.

What is the hardest Geometry Dash level?

To this date, slaughterhouse can be classified as it is the most challenging level to achieve.

Is Geometry Dash kid friendly?

Yes, it is a kid’s friendly game. The game is suitable for all groups of ages.

Does Geometry Dash need wifi?

No, it doesn’t necessarily require an internet connection. But it is advisable to connect it to the internet to enjoy the game properly.


Once you start playing this game, you can become highly addicted. The game features are pretty incredible. It gives you a high user interference experience and an unforgettable gaming experience.

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