How to install Samsung SSD 850 Evo desktop

Samsung 850 Evo is an excellent choice for a primary drive, but it can also be used as an upgrade to your existing system. It’s important to note that the 850 Evo is not backward compatible with older SATA connectors and will require a motherboard update, so if you’re looking at upgrading your old hard disk then this may not be the best option.

Samsung has released firmware updates for their latest desktop motherboards that allow them to use the new SSDs. If you are unsure of whether or not your motherboard supports Samsung’s newest SSDs then please buy an extra Sabrent M.2 SSD to 2.5-Inch SATA III Aluminum Enclosure Adapter.

Sabrent M.2 SSD to 2.5-Inch

By using this adapter you will be able to plug the Samsung NVME to your pc.


It doesn’t support m.2 nvme PCI express SSD drives
Convert an m .2 off the solid-state drive into a Standard 2 .5 inch sata iii 6gbps ssds ocured by enclosing their protection for your SSD with enlosed housing.

Intalling the Samsung SSD 850 Evo desktop

Easily convert m.2 port to SATA.

  • This enclosure provides added protection for your SSD drive, maximizing its performance.
  • It is compatible with M.2 NGFF solid-state drives and SATA devices such as desktop or laptop computers that use standard 2.5-inch bays to hold the hardware you are converting into an external storage device via this converter kit’s B key mSATA connector on one end of a short cable.
  • It connects it to a 22pin Standard SATA III 6Gbps connector at the other end of the said cable in order to convert any available empty bay inside/outside most computer cases(such as those found within desktops)into another hard disk drive.
  • They can be used interchangeably allowing users maximum flexibility when deciding what types of data they want to be stored directly onto their main system instead.

There are some differences between connectors and ports……..So, I would recommend going through the product description and reviews.

If you want a Samsung SSD, purchase it from somewhere else. That being said, they don’t offer installation services for customers and if this is too difficult to install yourself then head over to your local PC store or independent service center!

How do you install an SSD as a boot drive?

If you are installing the SSD into a new system, ensure that your drive is set up as the boot device by plugging it in before everything else.

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