How to install Windows 10 on SSD without CD?

In order to install Windows 10 on ssd, you should have a bootable USB drive with the operating system. In this case, we will use easy installation from a USB stick. This way works for all versions of Windows and other operating systems as well. Our first step is going to download an ISO file containing Windows 10 install media.

To do so, open a browser and go to this link:

This official Microsoft website offers several options to download the right software for your PC or laptop device based on its hardware configuration (CPU architecture). Choose your preference and follow the instructions displayed on screen to download the files.

Our next step is going to create a bootable USB drive containing Windows 10 installation media. If you have some experience with this matter, this will be no issue at all. There are several free applications and tutorials on the internet that can be followed to accomplish this task. We will use one of them:

This one seems simple and useful so we decided to give it a try and it worked great! It creates a fully working windows installer in just a few minutes without having any previous knowledge or skills about such matters (we got our ssd ready for installing windows 10 within 20 minutes). Once the tool finishes its process, simply plug your ssd in any laptop or PC that can boot from USB (usually by pressing F12 or some other key during the motherboard’s startup process) and install Windows 10 like you usually do when installing it on ssd with cd. Afterward, everything else will be done automatically without asking you to insert Windows 10 installation media again.

No matter if this is your first time installing windows or not, we recommend checking ssd optimization tips for windows using this tool:

This will help you speed up ssd and make all programs run faster in general because of better disk usage. Also tips about defragmenting ssd are included so check them out!

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