Is 500GB ssd enough for gaming?

Are you looking for an ssd that fits into your budget but gives you enough to run all your games? With ssd prices coming down, ssd space is becoming much more attainable.

Western Digital has an ssd of 500GB on sale for $150. Would this be enough ssd space for gaming?

The short answer is yes, 500GB of ssd storage would definitely be enough ssd space for both gaming and everyday use by most people. However, if you wanted to do some heavy multitasking such as running virtual machines and playing video games at the same time, 500GB of ssd storage might not be enough.

On average, 500GB should be plenty of ssd space for most users even those who play a lot of games. 500GB ssd s can store dozens, if not hundreds of high-end pc video games.

In ssd terms, 500gb is a very large ssd drive. The average ssd drive has from 120gb to 250gb ssd space available to the user for storage. 500GB SSDs are large enough to hold your entire steam library and even some other games on top of it!

500gb ssd price drop !

Western digital 500gb sata3 ssd is now available for $150 !!! This is about 30% lower than previous years at this time. Getting an ssd with 500 GB sata3 hard drive space has historically been a midrange price point for the best bang for buck per ssd sata3 hard drive space. Now ssd prices have been dropping so far that ssd 500gb is now actually a pretty good value.

is an ssd worth it?, and is 500GB SATA enough for gaming?

Most definitely! Even if someone has multiple long play video games ( with dozens of hours of gameplay) all with many gigabytes, they easily could fit within the storage capacity of ssd 500GB sata3 hard drive.

-The long answer- ssd 500 GB should be more than enough SATA space for most users. Some people would argue that it is not even enough SATA storage for a large pc game library and they might say to get at least ssd 1TB, 2TB, or ssd 512GB for their gaming pcs.

However, those who think that way often live in the past where ssd prices were much higher. Before 2014, getting an ssd with high capacity was out of reach for many people as 256GB ssd drives really started becoming affordable through online shopping sites such as Newegg and Amazon.

That time has passed and nowadays we can easily find ssd s with sata3 hard drive space of 500GB, 1TB, or sata2 ssd drive capacity even up to ssd 2tb in either sata3 or sata2 interfaces.

This means that ssd 500 GB offers an unbeatable value for pc gamers who are looking for the best ways to upgrade their gaming experience in 2014. The good news is that prices continue to drop on all ssd capacities including ssd 500gb making them more affordable than ever. One example of this is Western Digital Black series SATA 3 6 Gbs Solid-state drives which are now available for sale at Newegg for only $150!

-All types of computer users will benefit from having an old 500GB ssd SATA hard drive because ssd s are not just for gaming anymore. Ssd s, especially sata3 ssd s, are now the same price as HDDs.

The average person who uses their pc to surf the web, watch videos, listen to music and do school work will benefit from having an ssd installed in their computer instead of a regular HDD.

-How many games can fit on 500GB SATA?

It depends on how large each game is! For reference purposes, here is a list of some popular video games with size information :

Assassins Creed III 20 GB Call Of Duty Ghosts 32GB Civilization 5 + expansion pack 11 GB Farcry 3 25 GB Grand Theft Auto V 65 GB Hitman Absolution sata2 ssd 15 GB sata3 ssd Hitman blood money 25GB s Steam games 500GB SATA 1-500 GB The Elder Scrolls Skyrim 50GB.

As you can see 500GB SATA will easily fit at least 10 of those games from the list above. In reality, it could hold many more as modern video games have become very large in size. Call Of Duty ghosts alone takes up 32GB of hard drive space! If a gamer downloaded all of those games on steam mentioned above, they would need an estimated 500GB to 1TB of storage capacity for their steam library to hold all their pc video game titles. That is why ssd s has become a perfect solution for pc gamers to free up space on their SATA HDD s or sata2 sata3 s and allow them to install as many video games as they like without worrying about running out of storage space.

ssd 500GB vs ssd 256gb?

-Both sata3 ssd s are great for gaming, but 500GB is actually more affordable than ever while offering the same performance, read/write speeds, and storage space of SATA 256 GB SSD. For that reason alone, SATA 500 GB ssd is the best value in terms of price to sata3 storage capacity.

should I get an SSD or HDD?

-If you want speed, an ssd is highly recommended over a regular hard drive ( HDD ) because they are much faster. If you do not care about faster load times and booting up your pc, then go with whatever storage device offers you the best value. SATA 500GB s SSD s are about the same price as sata3 HDD s up to 2TB. However, ssd s are faster than HDD s so if you can afford it, go with an ssd 500 gigabyte.

is 500GB enough storage for gaming?

-It depends on how many pc games you plan on installing. If you want to install 500 or more new pc games this year, then 500GB will not be enough space for your gaming library, but that does not mean that 500GB of SATA space is bad either. It all comes down to how you use your computer. If you only play about 10 popular titles per year and store everything else on cloud storage s or networks, then SATA 500GB s SSD s are perfect for you.

Unless you have a huge library of pc games or do not care about faster load times. For example : if you play a lot of open-world games such as Crysis 3, GTA 5 or Fallout 4, then 500 gb will only allow you to install 4-5 titles before running out of space.

ssd vs HDD?

-The main advantage of ssd s is speed. If do not care about the time it takes to boot up your computer and load all your pc games from a cold start, then stick with a traditional hard drive. SATA 2TB HDD s and sata3 (6gb/s) s maintain very similar speeds when reading and writing data to storage devices even though they use different technologies. However, performance will vary slightly depending on how each individual game was programmed to load graphics, textures, and other assets into memory.

For example, some games such as assassins creed 4 load really fast on an SSD while others do not.

sata ssd or sata HDD s ?

A SATA is basically a standard hard drive with an ssd interface which makes it compatible with all consumer motherboards that have sata3 ports. sata2 ssd s are the same price as their non-ssd counterparts, but SATA 3 ssd s are actually cheaper than regular HDD s for 1TB and 2TB storage capacity if you shop around online.

should I get an mSATA SSD?

No, they are too small in size to fit any video games, plus they are very expensive when compared to other types of ssds .

For example: the Crucial BX100 500GB SATA ssd is the same price as SATA 500GB ssd s from a few years ago, but as msata ssd of the same size was almost double the price.

sata3 vs s sata2?

In terms of performance, there is not much difference between them. 7200rpm sata 3 HDD s are about 1 to 2 seconds slower when reading and writing data to storage devices compared to their older counterparts.

However, this has next to no impact on gaming, rendering video footage or other general everyday usage tasks that require huge chunks of data stored in memory. 8 what is mSATA?

-mSATA (mini SATA) is an SSD with half the height of SATA. They are used mainly in svelte laptops and tablets with ultrabook ssd s. In terms of performance, mSATA s offer the same speed as sata3 ssd s because they use a combination of both hardware and software to increase speeds from around 435mb/s to about 550-560mb/s.

what s SATA SSD?

SATA ssd s are basically standard hard drives with ssd interfaces. That means they are compatible with all consumer motherboards that have sata3 ports.

Yes, it will be more than enough if you play less than 10 titles per year or do not care about faster load times and booting up your pc in general.

what is mSATA?

mSATA (mini SATA) s are very small SSDs that offer approximately half the storage capacity of SATA 3 SSDs in a smaller form factor. They were originally designed to fit into ultrabook laptops, but nowadays they are used mainly in external compact flash s s ssd s. mSATA s offer SATA 3 speeds of around 550-560mb/s as a result of both hardware and software tweaks to optimize performance.

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