Samsung 960 Evo series – 500gb nvme – m.2 internal ssd

Samsung SATA SSD Samsung m.2 SSD possible problems: One of the most common problems that people have with M.2 drives is if their motherboard doesn’t have a built-in M.2 slot or it requires a hardware upgrade kit in order to get this done.

The Samsung best performance nvme SSD right on the edge

Samsung’s 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD is the next level in storage performance, upgrading your computer to the fastest speeds you’ve ever experienced.

The latest Samsung M.2 SSD is the 960 Pro, which features 3.5GBps read speeds and 2.7GBps write speeds.

What works best with SSD?

The Evo series by Samsung has always been the go-to solution for consumers who want high performance at an affordable price point.

I found out that my new m.2 SATA 850 Evo 500GB was capable of 560mb/s max sequential reads and 520mb/s write speed.

What is the process to install m.2 SSD?

With SSD caddy g2 SATA drive adapter, you can simply install SSD into m.2 SATA SSD slot on motherboard or PCIe SATA SSD card with a chip on it, insert m.2 SATA SSD to PCIe slot on the motherboard, connect m.2 SATA SSD to the power connector and turn on your computer, windows 10 installation will auto-detect the new m.2 SSD hard drives then continue the Windows 10 setup process.

There are some laptops that have an mSATA port just like a mini PCI Express Mini Card interface that is of size 22mm by 30mm (gigabyte).

M.2 drive of sizes 22 42 mm has more compatibility across different laptops and notebooks, unlike other SSDs which can be used only in specific motherboards.

samsung 960 evo nvme

Samsung 960 Evo series – 500GB

  • Still the best and fastest in the world
  • V-NAND Client SSD
  • Ultra-fast file transfer up to 520mb/s

Laptop hard drive SATA SSD upgrade guide:

  • Turn off the laptop
  • Plug SATA ssd to SATA port on the motherboard
  • Connect SATA SSD power cable
  • Insert sata ssd into mSATA port or mini PCI-E slot
  • Turn on the laptop
  • Follow the Windows 10 setup process

What I like the most about it is that it’s not expensive (around 125$ on amazon) while still having many great reviews from customers, some of them even saying that this is the fastest SSD they had ever tried before.


SATA III or 6 Gb/s interfaces has become the standard for connecting internal storage devices, having initially been formalized in 2009 with the publication of the SATA-IO (Serial ATA International Organization) specification 3.0.

The drive’s read speed reported by Disk Management Office Edition on Samsung 960 Evo 500GB nvme SSD was 459 mb/s, but 7zip reported a download speed of about 2.1 gb/s which meant that the software caching program might be working properly. The write speed for this SSD is about 470mbps while the read is 505mbps.

For example, users can connect both an mSATA SSD and a 2.5″ SATA III 6Gb/s HDD via the included universal caddy..

What is the best way to use SSD and HDD together? Most consumer HDDs are designed with some measure of idle time while their controller provides improved sequential read performance. Therefore, some users found that some HDDs have better random access times than others when doing streaming tasks such as watching videos.

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