SSD vs HDD gaming performance which one performs better?

Rise of the Tomb Raider, Witcher 3, GTA 5, and now even Doom has been released to a large fanfare. With many people buying new high-end gaming computers to play these titles at their highest settings possible there is a gap between expectation and reality – especially once you learn about SSD vs HDD gaming performance.

A traditional hard disk drive (HDD) is one of the slowest components in your computer. If your SSD vs HDD gaming experience feels sluggish it may not be because of your graphics card or processor but instead down to storage speed which could be due to an SSD vs HDD bottleneck.

SSDs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their SSD speeds, SSD size benefits, and low SSD costs, but do SSD vs HDD gamings make an SSD worth it even if you have the latest graphics card, processor, and 16GB of RAM?

The SSD performance difference between SSDs has grown to such an extent that and game load times are now on par with some entry-level SSD vs HDD gaming pcs.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

On High settings at 1080p (the most popular display resolution for gamers), you’ll want to be looking at 50+ fps on average.

However, this is where SSD bottleneck can come into play as games will pause for a split second while they read or write data from your storage.

You’ll notice that loading levels are where SSD bottleneck occurs, but even with an SSD vs HDD gamings performance issue the minimum fps still remain above 40 – which is more than enough to be classed as smooth!

SSD VS HDD Gaming Performance – Witcher 3

Running The Witcher 3 on Ultra settings at 1080p you’re going to need a fairly powerful SSD for speed. With a recent mid-range computer, you should expect a minimum

Will my display becomes smooth in gaming after using SSD?

The SSD vs HDD s difference in SSD bottlenecks will improve SSD game load times but it won’t impact your display when gaming.

Does ssd vs hdd gaming make ssd worth it?

Gaming on an SSD is the best way to experience your games. There may be a small fps drop-off compared to high-end pc, but you’ll still get smooth gameplay and faster load times than if you were to play them off an ssd vs HDD.

Why SSD is best for the gaming experience?

An SSD is by far the best SSD for SSD bottlenecks s thanks to SSD speeds and SSD game load times. Even if you have a good graphics card, processor, or 16GB of RAM, your SSD vs HDD gaming experience will be limited by how long it takes for data to transfer between storage and memory.


Gaming on an ssd offers significant improvements in size time compared with a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), even if you have a high-end computer. You’ll also benefit from fast app loading times as Windows boots up and programs install. However, this doesn’t mean that an SSD will improve your whole computer experience – but for gaming, it’s SSD size times that really matter.

I hope this article on SSD vs HDD gaming performance has been helpful and provided a better understanding of SSD speed, and the latest benchmark results showing how using an SSD for storage can improve SSD speed.

Which SSD is best for budget gaming?

If you’re looking for the best SSD for speed at a reasonable price, then Samsung’s 850 Evo SSD is the one to get.

Despite being an older model than their new 960 Pro release, it offers better value and performance due to its high capacity options up to 2TB. It is also more reliable when it comes to continuous read/write speeds with no drop-off over time.

You can see how this drive performs in real-world settings by checking out the latest SSD speed benchmark results videos on – just search ‘SSD speed test’ or ‘SSD vs HDD gaming’ in YouTube’s search bar!

What are the best budget SSDs for Gaming?
  • Samsung ssd 840 pro series 128gb sata iii 2.5″ 7mm solid state drive.
  • Samsung ssd 830 128gb sata iii ssd.
  • Samsung 256gb 830 ssd.
  • Samsung 1tb 840 evo ssd 2.5″ form factor, sata iii interface, mz-7te1 w/ tccd internal solid state drive.
  • SanDisk Extreme II 240GB SATA 6 Gb/s 2.5 inch SSD
  • Best gaming ssds with low budget.
  • Samsung 256GB 830 Series SSD – SEMA… | Crucial 64 GB CT064M4SSD2 2.

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