What cables do I need for ssd?

Do you know what cables you need for your new SSD? You may be wondering about the SATA cable and power supply. You will also need a data cable, as this is where the data from your old hard drive will be transferred to your new one.

For laptops, you don’t need a separate SATA cable to connect SSD. You can directly plug in your nvme SSD to the NVME port.

For pc or desktop, you have to buy a high-quality SATA cable to connect your SATA SSD.

Note: SATA SSD not for nvme SSD. You only need a cable when you are going to install the SATA SSD.

Which cable should I use?

The most common type of connector used for hooking up SATA is a slim sata cable, which is a thin flat cable design made to fit the SATA SSD in any position.

To connect a Sata SSD to your pc use this SATA Cable BENFEI SATA Cable III


It’s vital that you purchase one of these cables because if not, it will be nearly impossible to plug your SSD into your motherboard.

Connecting it incorrectly can result in permanent data loss and even damage to the drive itself due to excessive force being applied when trying to seat the drive properly.

After you have found an SSD guide or a slim SATA cable, then consult your manual on how to install a hard disk into a pc case before proceeding with installation further.

Now you know how to correctly plug in my Sata is SSD in a laptop!

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