What is Patriot Viper m2 SSD rgb?

What is Patriot Viper M2 ssd rgb?

Patriot Viper M2 ssd RGB is the latest SSD developed by Patriot. SSD stands for a solid-state drive. SSD is used to replace hdd which consists of rotating disc with moving parts where SSD has no moving parts and consist of flash memory chips that stores data in non-volatile form so hdd needs a physical power source to hold it spinning where SSD doesn’t need a power source since it’s not constructed from rotating discs. SATA stands for serial advanced technology attachment which connects SATA devices like hard drives, optical drives, solid-state drives, etc. SSD has much faster access time than hdd because of its extremely fast read/write speeds now SSD is becoming more popular than hdd SSD is much more expensive than SATA because SATA devices are very affordable SSD can store large amounts of data which was almost an impossible task in the past SSD comes in different form factors like m.2 SSD, 2.5″, 3.5″, sas, etc. Â

Patriot Viper M2 ssd rgb features

  • – pcie x4 interface with patented one click extreme performance optimization which provides the fastest speeds among its competitors
  • – made from aircraft grade billet aluminum with led light bar increased durability and cooling for latest 6th generation intel core processors including core i7 6700k, 6700, 6600k, 6600 4790k 4790, etc.

– SSD is available in 240GB, 480GB SATA iii 6 gigabits per second with lp PCIe SSD form factor and has a 2-year warranty ssd weight approximately 0.2 lbs ssd dimensions are 128mm x 42mm x 3.5mm SSD has high-speed SATA iii to PCI express 3.0 x4 interface transfer speeds of up to 1400 mb/s read and 900 mb/s write gives you performance increase of roughly 400% over traditional hard drives enables boot up in seconds, not minutes SSD offers enhanced data protection features such as secure erase which allows you securely delete all data on the drive and password protection provides extra security unauthorized access SSD supports intel SSD optimize which keeps Samsung SSD SATA drivers up to date SSD has preload technology SSD is backward compatible with SATA iii systems SSD has vibration resistance feature.

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Patriot Viper M2 ssd rgb specifications

SSD dimensions are 128mm x 42mm x 3.5mm SATA connector type sddr3 speed rating PCIe 3.0 warranty length 2 years weight 0.20 lbs read speeds 3000 mb/s write speeds 2000 mb/s cache size 256MB form factor lp PCI express 3.0 cable included adapter included operating system supported Linux, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP / mac os 10 / ei Capitan will this work for my computer yes where do you SATA and SSD is SATA SSD SATA sddr3 sddr3 SATA iii interface.

Patriot Viper M2 ssd rgb conclusion

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