Why Are SSD prices going up?

Today we will discuss Why Are SSD prices going up? As We all know that SSD prices are getting higher and higher. This is because of the new technology, 3D NAND.

The cost to produce one bit of data on a 3D chip is exponentially more expensive than it was on 2D chips which means that the price to produce an SSD will also be much more expensive.

What is the reason behind price increase of SSD’s?

The high pricing of SSD is due to the fact that SSD manufacturers are not able to produce enough SSD drives to keep up with demand.

Another factor in the increase is because many businesses and government agencies have been upgrading their infrastructure, which leads them to purchase more speed drives.

Samsung’s products are expected to account for more than 50% of enterprise SSD shipped to data centers in North America this year

– Intel will be in a bad position if the US is still dealing with a shortage of power management integrated circuits.

Samsung product costs

Samsung’s products are expected to account for more than 50 percent of enterprise SSDs (in terms of bits) shipped to data centers in North America in Q21. This dominance will likely further Samsung’s ability to dictate market prices going forward,” TrendForce said.

– Intel has been dealing with a shortage of power management integrated circuits and its market share may decrease in the enterprise sector because demand from the US continues to fall, according to research firm DRAMeXchange.

It also released that Samsung seems not worried about this issue too much as they still hold their dominant position on SSD, hard disk, or hard drives. Especially Samsung does have some advantage over SATA SSD or SATA hard disk.

OEM and MZNTY Series right on the edge !

This is because Samsung has released many OEM SSD like their MZNTY series for notebooks such as Samsung mznty dvngw SSD and also a few enterprise SSD such as the HSM, SAS edition.

This new product by Samsung will be available in Q216 with a great performance than what was offered before which should further increase the company’s market share in this segment of SSDs.

SSD’s are becoming more popular !!!

On top of that, I don’t think other companies have been able to produce an equal competitor when it comes to price/performance ratio yet. And if they do come up with one then they are probably going to charge really high prices too.

SSD would become more popular in the future because SATA hard disk is becoming too expensive.

It has many advantages over hard drives, such as faster access time, better reliability, lower power consumption, and less space needed for installation.

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